The Autobiography of Ivar Hinderaker - Excerpts

Ivar Hinderaker

Excerpt from an autobiography by Ivar Hanson Hinderaker (1851-1942), written sometime between 1933 and 1942 and later translated from Norwegian by Dagny (Paulson) Hinderaker, wife of Hoseas Hinderaker (Ivar and Martha Hinderaker’s oldest son).

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I think I was about three years old when my parents moved back to Hinderaker from Norem… In the northern part of this island I grew up and lived there till I was 21. On the Hinderaker Gaard (farm), from which we get our family name. At seven or eight years, I began to attend the religious school – we went from house to house. I remember very little from this “omgans skole”,as a school house was soon built. But I had to walk several English miles to get to the school house. It was a big school, but only one teacher – Torkel Lindeland.

The school was divided into three classes – two classes got two days a week each and the third class had one and one-half days of school each week. The children who did the poorest were placed on the lowest (back) benches. As time went on, the pupils were moved up according to how they were doing. We were moved up, bench after bench, hoping to reach the first. I attained this honor, but there were four ahead of me on the front bench. Most of learned the “forklaring” (explanation of Luther’s catechism) and the Bible history lessons by heart, but it seemed few of us got much our of “regning” (figuring). We had reading and writing; no geography or history.

When approaching 15 years, I prepared for confirmation. Our pastor, Vetlesen, was our teacher. He held no catesitation, but he saw that we learned our lessons. From my confirmation day, I remember best these words by the paster, as his land rested on my head; “For your soul’s salvation.” Now we were grownups.


Pastor Oftedal was Vetlesen’s successor. He was very gifted, both as a speaker and as a singer. The Avaldsnes church was too small when Oftedal was there. A great revival came to pass. It seemed that the greater part of the congregation was awakened – young people, especially. I remember his first youth meeting so well. After a Sunday service, he invited all the young people to come to his home on a certain day. The day came and many of us went to the parsonage. We stood along the wall in a big room. The pastor began by singing part of a hymn beautifully. “No one finds the way to eternal peace with pressing mightily forward. The soul must endure a struggle for faith, which by our salvation is…” The song made a strong and lasting impression on me. Our new pastor now told us that he planned to start a school for young people, where they might learn writing, figuring, etc. Yes! Everyone wanted to attend a school like that! Most of us needed it.

The following Sunday afternoon, we met in the school house – it was plumb full – many had to stand. The meeting started with singing and prayer. David’s first psalm was read. No arithmetic lesson. But we wrote conversion stories that the pastor told as he walked the floor. Those Sunday afternoon sessions continued much the same throughout the whole year that Oftedal was with us. We read the 40th Psalm at our last meeting – had started with Psalm One – read on each time we met. Throughout the week, he held prayer meetings in the homes…